Our algorithm is tailored to the travel behavior of your employees, your saving targets as well as real-time market pricing.

Individualized Budget-to-beat reflecting...

which offer the traveler would have chosen without any reward for saving.

your saving goals, travel policies and preferred suppliers.

market availability and pricing.

Seamless integration enabled through...

displaying the budget-to-beat and individualized tips directly in your booking tool.

interacting with your existing software solutions.

processing rewards within the salary workflow.


Transparency for all parties with the Pointless Travel webtool...

allowing companies to track savings and how they were achieved.

showing employees their rewards, tips on how to earn more and how they perform compared to their peers.


Our goal is to guide your employees to a more sustainable and entrepreneurial travel mindset.

Lower Expenses

Save 20-30% on travel costs.

Full Transparency

Track expense savings on different company levels.

Good Habits

Increase compliance with travel guidelines on business trips.

Seamless Integration

Current booking and expense tracking workflows stay the same.

Happy People

Boost employee satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Transform every employee into an entrepreneur.

CO2 Goal Fulfilment

Having a plan of action with extraordinary measures.

Clear Conscience

Engaging all employees to work towards a common good purpose.

Direct Rewards

Earn a significant share of the savings you achieve on each trip.

Easy Cash-Out

Receive an immediate cash reward.


We're passionate about helping companies reducing travel costs by empowering employees to think entrepreneurially on their travel.

Get to know the founders and their backgrounds:

Kati – Loves numbers

Consultant at Roland Berger, MSc in Mechanical Engineering (ETH Zurich/University of Michigan)

Lucas – Loves impact

Rechtsreferendar at OLG Munich, 2nd State Examination in Law (LMU Munich)

Sebastian – Loves product

Consultant at Roland Berger, MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)



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